PUIs- Japanese poets under the influence

[green_message] On Something Observed
Kokan Shiren

Torn remains of a cobweb,
one strand dangling down—
a stray petal fluttering by
has been tangled, caught in its skein,
all day to dance and turn,
never once resting—
elsewhere in my garden,
no breeze stirs. .


Hut: Thinking of a Friend. My friend had not come to see me for a long time, and because 3 was ill I couldn’t go to pay a visit. In longing, I wrote this poem
Priest Kensei

I waited for you in my hut, I did silent,
silent, feeling little joy,
but today again the sun is setting.

I waited for you by the gate, I did—
silent, silent, not speaking a word,
but today again twilight’s coming on.

I waited for you along the road, I did—
silent, silent, walking alone,
but today again the darkness begins to fall.


Strolling in a Nearby ‘Vil!age

Tani Rokkoku

Water flushed into paddies,
water flooding the ditches;
by edges of the ditch stream
water-striders drift.
Water-striders drift and skim –
just like me
skating back and forth how many times.
bow many times stopping to rest?

Impressions of the Countryside
Ito Togai

Low hedgcs bcnt by the wind, festooned in  morning glories;
old roofs steamy with rain, sprouting fungus ears–
at door on door, bright lamps hurry the evening chores;
in village after village, noisy drums give thanks
for autumn bounty.