WAYs – Li Po’s Jade Stairs Lament

Steve Bradbury: “On Li Bai’s “The Jeweled Stairs’ Grievance”

Jade steps: She repines

when pale dew
from the jade step
by night’s end to
her silken stockings
she lets fall
the crystal beaded
but gazes
at the autumn

James Cryer

Jade Staircase Lament

Jade steps draw white dew,
Late night wrecks silk hose.
Quartz bead curtain closed,
Fall moonspangled view.

Frank Newton

Jade Stairs Lament

Jade steps grow white dew.
Nigh, latte, chills silken hose.
So let the crystal curtain fall…
In the tinkling, gaze upon
so many autumn moons.

J.P. Seaton

Jade Steps Grievance

Upon the jade steps white dews grow.
It is late. Gauze stockings are dabbled.
She lets down her the crystal blind
To watch, glass-clear, the autumn moon.

Wai-lim Yip