WAYs – Wang Wei’s Deer Park

Deer Fence

No one is seen in deserted hills,
only the echoes of speech are heard.
Sunlight cast back comes deep in the woods
and shines once again upon the green moss.

Stephen Owen

The Deer Fence

On the empty mountain, no one is seen
But the sound of voices is heard
Returning light enters the deep forest
Again: it shines on the green moss

Charles Egan

Deer Park

On the empty mountain no one is seen.
There’s only the sound of voices.
Light enters dazzling the deep grove
And again the moss is brilliant green.

Joseph Lisowski

At Deer Park Hermitage

Empty mountain, no one in sight–
yet an echo of voices;
Rays of sunset pierce deep forest,
again lighting blue-green mosses.

David Lunde

The Deer Enclosure

In the empty mountain,
no one is seen.
Yet echoes of human voices
can be heard.
The afternoon ray
penetrates the deep wood, and
it sheds light on
the green moss

Edward Chang