WAYs – Li Po’s Jade Stairs Lament

Lament of the jade Stairs

On jade stairs, the rising white dew
Through the long night pierces silken hose
Retreating inside, she lowers crystal shades
And stares at the glimmering autumn moon

Charles Egan




The Jeweled Stairs’ Grievance

The jaded stairs grow white with dew;
The long night wets a silken shoe.
Withdrawn behind her autumn blind,
She courts the moon, the clair de lune.

Steve Bradbury

Jade Stairs Grievance

On the jade stairs, white dew is born–
the night is long, the dew invades her silk stockings.
She steps inside and lowers the crystal-strung curtain;
through glittering jewels, she stares at the autumn moon

David Lunde