WORDs Ė Yuan Mei’s Ancient Wall
JP Seaton

Line c

? ?† ? ? ?
word-for-word hidden, dark cut off
There is no, there are no
people to see,
to be seen
††††††††† So: Hidden (in the darkness) cut off (from everything) / Nobody can see (it, them, ?)

Look closely at the first two characters (c1 and 2). The c1 is constructed of a mountain ?† with the space (a ravine?) around the central ridge filled on both sides with the same element. This element can mean or at least† suggest† a variety of things all related in meaning: small, or tender, or secretive (so small you canít see it?). Yuan, ?, a† variant of the character dark or invisible appears in the final line of poem number one of the Tao Te Ching,† ). Now note that the upper left hand element in the c2Öthe same element we see in c1.Something is fishy here in Yuan Meiís Chinese garden, The last three characters might remind you of Wang Weiís Deer Park quatrain, if not now, then maybe they will after youíve read the last line of this poem of Yuan Meiís. Translators to be, take noteÖhereís another indication that itís good to leave your mind open to the whole even as you look at the minutiae. You can find the Wang Wei poem Iím referring to in Once More on the Empty Mountain. >>>