WORDs – Yuan Mei’s Ancient Wall
JP Seaton

Last word: it is not unusual to find a “here now” poem that contains a reference to another extremely famous “here now” poem. Is it a competition of satoris, or a validation or sharing? Can you show your understanding in your translation? Do you need to in order to have a “good” translation?

Make a finished translation and send it to me. A g-mail address will appear here shortly, and I promise I will comment on any thing you send me..

If you have any questions, relating to the poem or the process of describing or roughly translating it, you can post them in the comment box. I will answer, briefly.

I’ve gone through poems like this with live classes of from 4 to 25 students. I’ve found doing without feedback it very difficult, and I suspect I may have lost you occasionally. If you think it is an interesting beginning, be sure to let me know. If there is an adequate response, maybe we’ll put in a chat box here for eventually.