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With Ryokan and Basho we end our story of Zen. Of course, our strories were but a small sampling of Zen's vast history. And with this in mind we offer recommendations for further study.

Nor does the story of Zen end with Hakuin and Basho. In the future Ashoka will offer a course that will examine the history of Zen's coming to the West.


Sources used in this course (click picture to purchase):

The Zen Experience, Thomas Hoover (Plume Books - 1980) Primary source for this course - out of print but worth searching for.

Zen's Chinese Heritage , Andy Ferguson (Wisdom Publications - 2000)
Roaring Stream: A New Zen Reader , Nelson Foster (ed.) (Harpers - 1997)

Other valuable sources

Bankei Zen, Peter Haskell (Grove Weidenfeld - 1984 - out of print)
The Clouds Should Know Me By Now , Red Pine, Mike O'Connor ed. (Wisdom Publications- 2000)
The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain, Red Pine (Copper Canyon Press - 2000)
The Elements of Zen, David Scott & Tony Doubleday (Element Books - 1992- out of print)

Essays in Zen Buddism, D.T. Suzuki (Grove - 1961)

Essential Zen. Kaz Tanahashi and David Schneider (Harper - 1995 - out of print)  
The Golden Age of Zen, John Wu (World Wisdom - 2004) Just reissued!
A History of Zen Buddhism, Heinrich Dumoulin (Beacon Press - 1971/1997)  
The Lankavatara Sutra, D.T. Suzuki (Provenance Editions - 2003)
Nine-Headed Dragon River , Peter Matthiessen (Shambhala - 1998)
Penetrating Laughter, Hakuin's Zen and Art, Kaz Tanahashi (1987 - Overlook Press)
Ryokan: Zen Monk-Poet of Japan , Burton Watson (Columbia U. Press - 1977)  
Swampland Flowers: The Letters and Lectures of Zen Master Ta Hui. J.C. Cleary (Shambhala - 2006)  
Trust in Mind, Mu Soeng (Wisdom Publications - 2004) - On Sengcan's Hsin Shin Ming - highly recommended!
The Unborn : The Life and Teachings of Zen Master Bankei, Norman Wadell (North Point Press - 2000)
The Way of Zen, Alan Watts (Vintage - 1957) Reissued 1999 - a classic, unfortunately disregarded these days
Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Thomas Merton (New Directions - 1968)  
Zen and Zen Classics, R.H. Blyth (Hokuseido Press - 1988) Out of print - worth searching for!  
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones , Paul Reps (ed.) (Tuttle -1998)  
The Zen Koan: Its History and Use in Rinzai Zen, Isshu Miura, Ruth Sasaki (Harvest/HBJ Book - 1984)
Zen Master Class, Stephen Hodge
The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma, Red Pine (North Point Press - 1989)
The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-chi, Burton Watson (Columbia U. Press- 1999)
A Zen Wave, Robert Aitken (Shoemaker & Hoard - 2003)


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